Live in person AND streaming

The Players Theatre and ShowTix4U

July 2022

Image by Linus Nylund


  • Rogue Theater Festival accepts submissions of all kinds. If you're not sure, submit it and we'll be in touch!

  • Rogue offers two options for participation. Scenario A (presenting your play on a stage with a live audience in NYC) and Scenario B (filming on your own on location, via zoom, outside, etc. anywhere in the world and the streaming on ShowTix4U)

  • Scenario A will have 1 tech rehearsal in the space and 1 or 2 performances

  • Scenario A: sound and lighting design done for them prior to their technical rehearsal (they will provide MP3's and lighting design wishes) 

  • Scenario B will have one scheduled stream and one week of pay per view streaming

  • Scenario A and B: Tickets will be available for online purchase leading up to the performances 

  • Scenario A and B: SUPPORT from Rogue as you create you work on your piece


  • Scenario A: theater space for one technical rehearsal and one or two performances 

  • Scenario A: Professional Stage Manager to run Lighting and Sound for your technical rehearsal and performance 

  • Scenario A: Use of predetermined set pieces at the theater 

  • Scenario B: Copy of the Final Package that will stream on Showtix4u

  • Scenario A and B: Social Media and Publicity for the festival as a whole and for your individual piece 

  • 25% of box office sales for your individual show


  • Scenario A: The length of your piece should be 10 minutes to 1 hour long. You must be able to do a technical rehearsal and performance in NYC. 

  • Scenario B: You must be able to film and edit your own piece to submit to us for the festival. Your piece may be over 1 hour. We handle this on a case by case basis. 

  • It may be a play, musical, comedy/clowning, one person or dance based show, burlesque, improv, etc. If you have something else we’d be thrilled to hear from you too!

  • It must be an original work, but having been performed before is fine!

  • Each show must sell 10 tickets.


  • You can choose to perform live with us in NYC (Scenario A) or you may choose to film and edit your piece remotely (Scenario B)

  • All participants are fully responsible for producing their own plays. This includes covering all costs of production (e.g. rehearsal space, transportation fees, salaries, marketing, etc.).

  • Each show will keep 25% of their box office profits

  • Each show must sell the minimum ticket requirement (10) or buyout remaining tickets 

  • Shows will be assigned tech and performance date 

  • Sounds (as MP3's) and Lighting Cues will be due prior to your tech rehearsal