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Can I submit multiple pieces?

Yes! Absolutely. However, we will only accept up to two pieces from any one person. Please prioritize when you are submitting.

What happens if I don't sell the required amount of tickets and have to buyout the rest?

You will get to perform your show no matter what! However, if you do not meet the minimum tickets sold requirement (15 tickets or 20 tickets dependent on show length) the producer will need to purchase (buyout) the unsold tickets.

When do I get the 25% of box office sales for my show?

We aim to get everyone their 25% share at the end of their performance. However, it may take up to two weeks. In that case we will use venmo or paypal

Rogue is postponed!? Now what?

Our main priority is moving forward as safely as possible. We are working quickly to secure a new week for our festival this fall in NYC. We have accepted 30 artists and are working with them in this process.

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